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What To Do In The First 5 Minutes After A Long Run

I don’t know about you, but when I do a long run, the first thing on my mind after finishing is to drink a recovery drink and get a shower. Food is usually the last thing on my mind until I get freshened up.

According to an article I came across today, I am doing everything wrong when it comes to that crucial time window after a long run.

This information was taken from an article on Active.com

•Within five minutes of finishing, eat a small recovery meal of protein and simple sugars. A glass of chocolate milk and a piece of fruit work great.
•After a half-hour, focus on hydration, and begin consuming 16 to 32 ounces of water. This is particularly important if it’s hot out.
•Also within a half-hour, complete a runner-specific core routine that helps you warm-down properly, correct imbalances, and strengthen your body to withstand the impact forces of running.
•Within about an hour, eat a full meal focusing on protein, low glycemic index carbohydrates, and healthy fats like olive oil or avocado. Basically, eat real food and avoid anything processed.
•After your meal, take a shower and start mentally recovering. If you can, try to relax and read or watch TV (this is also a good time period to continue hydrating).
•If you have the time, take a nap. This is when your body begins to repair the damage from your long run. Sleep is the ultimate recovery tool in your toolbox, so use it as often as possible.
•When you wake up, go for a short walk or do some easy mobility exercises to help you loosen up. Active recovery always beats passive recovery and the added blood flow will give your recovery a boost.

In theory this all looks feasible, its just a matter of me actually doing it…and remembering to do it. I wish I could have time for a nap after long runs, but being a mom of 4 kids, that doesn’t happen too often — maybe one day.

Does this list sound like your typical “post long run routine”? I will try and remember this information after my next long run, but I sure cant make any promises that I will change my current routine — afterall, aren’t we really creatures of habit?

Where I Run


Today’s post will be a few pictures from my long run last weekend.

I usually go out for my runs early in the morning before sunrise and run a couple laps around a jogging trail where I always see turtles, bunnies and beautiful red birds. Since these runs are usually 3 miles or so, I don’t mind running that loop a few times, but with longer runs I would go crazy seeing the same thing over and over with each mile.

Since I was doing 7 miles last weekend, I decided to do my 2 miles on the trail, then head out on the local roads once the sun began to rise.

I headed over to a local fishing pond and captured this picture as the sun was coming up.


As I continued along the fishing pond I saw a few ducks headed back to the water.


I looped around the pond and then continued on my run.

A few miles later I captured what has become one of my favorite pictures from my runs — a little red barn at sunrise. There was still some low fog in the area, but the sun was coming up and gave a nice glow on the grass.


I enjoy my short runs, but its my long runs that I really cherish.

Color Me Rad 5K


I am excited to be a Color Me Rad Ambassador! I have NOT participated in Color Me Rad or any color race before, but will get to experience my first one in May when Color Me Rad comes to a city near me.

What is Color Me Rad you ask?? Its a 5K where you start out clean as a whistle in a white shirt and by the end of the race, you look like a bag of Skittles colored with blue, green, pink, purple and yellow.

What is in the color? Its a non-toxic colored corn starch.

This is a non-timed, fun race 5K for everyone young and old! Kids under 7 race free!!

This is an event for runners or walkers — its really a race for everyone to come out and have fun!

As an Ambassador, I am pleased to announce a discount code for you to register for a race regardless or location for 20% off!! To take advantage of this discount, use the code “radfun”. This code is only good through July 31st — so act fast!!


Quick Tips

Want to lose weight fast? Do lots of cardio: running, biking and swimming are perfect cardio workout activities.

Cardio is what burns fat the fastest.

Training Update – mid July

I am officially just under 3 weeks out from my first mud run, but I haven’t been training too much for it. I know I should we working on my upper body strength or something like that, but lately I have just been focusing on running. I have a goal set for 60 miles this month, and looking at my mileage so far, I think I should be able to make that.

I am doing Jeff Galloway’s half marathon training method with run/walk intervals. Why half marathon training and not training more specific to Tower of Terror 10 miler?? Well, I figure since I am running a half marathon in early December, I need to be not only getting my mileage up for Tower of Terror, but also for the half. By mid October I will be finished with my half marathon training, then at that point I will reassess where I need to go from there to keep me ready for December.

As of right now, 6 miles has been my farthest run. Next weekend I am scheduled to do 7 miles. I have been trying to get out of the house more and run outside just before the sun comes up, instead of so many miles on the treadmill. It’s funny, I never had an issue with the treadmill until I started running outside over the last few weeks, now I despise the treadmill and have officially given it that lovely “dreadmill” title as so many others have.

I’ve been going out to a local trail that is perfectly measured out to 1 mile. I always see turtles and bunnies on my run in the morning, but I have already been scoping out how to make that run longer for next weekends 7 miles without having to run around that trail 7 times.

I’ve also done a little bit of ladder work on the treadmill, but I really find I do better with my speed when I am outside (at least that’s what Garmin tells me).

Don’t get me wrong though, I haven’t completely forgotten about my upper body strength that I will need for some of these obstacles. I’ve been doing push ups…and…planks (those count for upper body strength right??) Ok, I really need to do some work in the next couple weeks.

So, how has your training been going? What race are you training for if any?

Swirlgear Running Top Giveaway

I am hosting a giveaway for 1 (one) Swirlgear short sleeve running top of your color choice listed below (subject to size availability). I am lucky to be an Ambassador for Swirlgear and I want to share one of the pieces from the Summer collection with you!

Here are your awesome design choices…

This one is PINK CAMO

This one is PINK/BLACK

This one is SUNNY YELLOW (my favorite!!)

•Stylish and functional capped sleeve cut
•Moisture wicking technical fabric
•Reflectivity on the back for safety
•Flat stitching to eliminate any friction
•Fabric: 87% poly 13% spandex
•XS (0-2) Small (4-6) Medium (8) Large (10-12)

Contest runs from July 15-29th (midnight to midnight CST). 1 winner will be chosen at random and will be notified here on the blog post, so be sure to check back after the 29th to see if you are the winner! If you don’t win, or if you want to order something from the collection, please feel free to use code 925 for FREE SHIPPING on your order! http://www.swirlgear.com

This Swirlgear running top is being provided with my Ambassador discount.

Good luck!! Click on the Rafflecopter link below for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I Run 4 Aaron

A few weeks ago I came across an organization called I Run 4. IR4 is a group of special needs children and adults who are unable to run and are signed up to be matched with a runner who is willing to dedicate runs to the child/adult.

This was taken from the IR4 website… “The mental and emotional encouragement for both runner and honorary runner is proving to be a whole new level of motivation and awareness. Runners are able to find a whole new sense of purpose in their running while sharing who they are running for and bringing awareness to diseases and disabilities of all types”.

I was matched with a special little boy named Aaron. He just turned 1 and has Cornelia de Lange Syndrome.



I will probably never meet little Aaron, but I have already started to develop a bond with his mother and it is such an honor to run for him.

If you are interested in becoming a runner for IR4 or if you know of a child or adult with special needs who would like to have someone run for them, check out the website http://www.whoirun4.com where you will find more information about the organization as well as information on how to sign up to be matched.

Stars & Stripes Forever 5K race recap – July 4, 2013

On the morning of July 4, I raced in my very first 5K in Oklahoma City — Stars & Stripes Forever 5K. I wasn’t sure what to expect since this was my first race, so I did have a little anxiety on the way there and didn’t sleep much at all the night before.

My husband and kids came with me to cheer me on.

We arrived about 50 min before race time and I got my packet information quickly. I put my bib on, put my timing chip on my shoe and started drinking my pre-workout drink and before I knew it, it was time to head over to the starting line.

There were about 300 or so people registered for the race. The gun went off and I started running. I ran the first 3/4 mile without stopping and maintained a nice pace, then I began doing run/walk intervals.

Here is one of my race pictures.


The course was nice and flat and luckily the weather was very nice that morning. According to Garmin, it was about 68 degrees at race time. There was a nice, cool breeze on the last half of the course.


While I was racing, my husband was able to keep the kids entertained at a park right by the finish line.

I finished the race in 40:53, with a pace of 12:58. Garmin showed 3.15 miles.

I had a great time at my first 5K. I will definitely do this race again next year.

“Running isn’t…

“Running isn’t a sport for pretty boys… It’s about the sweat in your hair and the blisters on your feet. Its the frozen spit on your chin and the nausea in your gut. It’s about throbbing calves and cramps at midnight that are strong enough to wake the dead.

It’s about getting out the door and running when the rest of the world is only dreaming about having the passion that you need to live each and every day with. It’s about being on a lonely road and running like a champion even when there’s not a single soul in sight to cheer you on. Running is all about having the desire to train and persevere until every fiber in your legs, mind, and heart is turned to steel.

And when you’ve finally forged hard enough, you will have become the best runner you can be. And that’s all that you can ask for.”

-Paul Maurer

Race Calendar 2013

July 4, 2013 – Stars & Stripes Forever 5K – OKC, OK — COMPLETED

August 10, 2013 – Dirty 30 mud race – Tulsa, OK

September 22, 2013 – Hot Mamas Run 5K – Edmond, OK

October 5, 2013 – Happy Haunted 5K trail run  – Walt Disney World

October 5, 2013 – Tower of Terror 10 miler – Walt Disney World

October 19, 2013 – Dirty 30 Zombie edition mud race – Luther, OK

October 27 – Ghost Runners 5K – OKC, OK

November 28 – Turkey Trot 5K – OKC, OK

December 8, 2013 – MetroPCS Dallas half marathon – Dallas, TX


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